Snow Dogs

So I am finally relenting and considering a path I once swore I would never travel. Considering a choice that I support for others but swore would be one I would never take.

I am speaking, of course, of dog clothes.

Our dogs are pure country. They have poor home raisin' and generally behave like they did, in fact, grow up in a barn.

I bring them in during inclement weather and they stand at the door in abject misery. I see "warm and cozy now isn't that nice?" They see a hostage situation and stand there plotting and sighing like they are mounting an escape from Alcatraz.

This morning, however, big dog Ace, the German Shepherd, was seen to be literally shivering in the cold. Meanwhile, fat ottoman shaped dog, Jagger, was sprawled out on the porch with his triple-layer Newfoundland coat and ample body fat with nary a care in the world. "Oh is it snowing? I hadn't noticed."

So I think Ace needs a new coat. Maybe a nice puffer down or a Woolrich? Something to wear so I don't have to drag him bodily into the house and wrap a sofa throw around him (which he will promptly eat).

So tell me the truth friends? Is there anyone out there who dresses a dog that ISN'T small enough to carry in a purse?

Can I big dog still show his face in the world - and scare of intruders, squirrels, and errant UPS drivers while wearing a down-filled fleece?

What about a matching hat?

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