I absolutely LOVE this take on the age-old (is it?) question "Kids in the Kitchen? Yay, Nay, or "is that a booger in my meatball?" All the Good Mothers are Doing It  by Andrea Ferrell

My response to this wonderful and witty blogger's question?

Wait until they are twelve.

Ten at the outside.

My 12 year old daughter is a careful and capable cook, more concerned with exact measurements than I am and a bigger germ-a-phobe than any of us. I could probably hire her out as a sous' chef.  (sp?)

I had her messing around in the kitchen at a younger age but the keyword is "mess." Be willing to sacrifice the occasional egg or 1/4 of flour to the cause, let them crack and mix and whip to their heart's content. Then practice good sleight of hand (or just wait until they lose interest and wander off). 


Anonymous said...

I would love my 12-yr-old daughter to be interested in helping in the kitchen, she has never wanted to be bothered. Unless, of course, she has friends over and everyone in the house is asleep. Then, she seems to host a cooking show where the goal is to use many ingredients to make something no one would eat! It's really more like a science experiment not that I think about it. On the other hand, my 4-yr-old son, LOVES to help in the kitchen! Go figure.

Sandra said...

it all depends on the kid, if the want to be in the kitchen they should, i was a girl kid that despised cooking and still do. but my mother MADE me help and I am glad she did, so when i had kids of my own they did not starve. i agree let the make a mess, wish i had known that way back 40 years ago

Jaime Pontius said...

I think it's a wonderful idea for three reasons:
1. They may love it so much that one day cooking will become a rewarding career.
2. If not, you will at the very least teach them some important skills for later on in life.
3. (most important!!) You and your children will have some incredible bonding time that you will all cherish forever!! I remember helping my mother in the kitchen when I was little...and now that she is gone, I am so thankful that I have those memories!! :)