Don’t You Wish Your Funkins Were Hot Like Mine?

First let me state that I love election day. The pursuit of freedom and the democratic process in action in America? Oh it is wondrous! That out of the way let’s get to why I’m really so excited about Election Day – PIE!!! Okay, pie and the Church Bake Sale and Bazaar which is held every election day at the church that serves as our polling location. Every year I come home with something awesome and every year I force  share it because what good is a deal if you can’t crow about it?
No I am not suddenly in need of three canvas images of the exact same baseball player
I am a frame addict and these are new in the package wrapped canvas images. I have big plans to replace the current ballplayer, however talented he may be, with my own images thus creating “canvas” portraits for a fraction of the cost. Ditto the framed flowers in the background. Pretty but not my style. Nonetheless, where are you going to buy shadowbox depth professionally matted frames for $1? Nowhere but Church Bazaars, that’s where.
Most of the clothing was new with tags (Superfan is a school spirit shirt which is how it made the cut). I have not suddenly decided I am a superhero. Unless you count Superhero of Saving (Maybe I'll keep that shirt).
Don’t hate. It was a quarter.
For those that get the vapors over the idea of “used” clothing.  I’ve never understood the weirdness with used clothing. Taking into account the manufacturing process, shipping, and try on in stores, I assume everything in stores anywhere is “used” clothing. Today more than one of the items was brand-new, with tags.
This was all wrapped up in a sealed package and appears to be hand-milled soaps. What would that set you back in a gift shop or store? More than a $1?
I tucked them into this display (also all cadged thriftily at various times for a total cost of somewhere around $4 including the metal basket). Yes I did just share a photo of the back of our toilet. You can thank me later.
Huh? Wait, how did that get in there? Oh well the truth is out. My real incentive to vote is Church Lady Bake Sale food. This is Chocolate Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Oreo Fat-Butt Dessert (I added the last part myself). Weird that there is already a bite out of it? I wonder if my family will believe that it came that way?
Finally, we have the items I did not pay for. (NO I DID NOT STEAL FROM THE CHURCH.) These are my Adventures in Trash Picking Part II. Although since they were on the lawn with a “Free” sign I don’t know if that’s really Trash Picking or the Cheapest Yard Sale Ever? My score this early a.m. was two free “funkins” (that would be fake pumpkins); 6 wrought iron candle stands in various heights, the “Home is where our story begins” sign and 4 pillar and one Pumpkin Spice jar candle. In a box. For free. No kidding. The best part? I had just added “Funkins” to my wish list a day earlier(don’t ask).
Better part? I picked these up on the way to the Church Bazaar and I wasn’t in there five minutes before a friend sidled up to me and said “gee if only they had some fake pumpkins here!” before cracking up. Yep. Busted. He had totally seen me grabbing these (Jeff you are just JEALOUS you didn’t get “my” funkins first!)
So, I have this idea that I’m going to do something crafty and creative with said funkins and some other stuff I picked up today for the princely sum of a quarter. Anyone have any ideas? I’m open to anything. Keeping in mind that the dog is likely to confuse my funkins for a soccer ball and take off with the whole kit and kaboodle.
My last adventure in trash picking in the spring scored me this awesome giant green glass bottle that Pottery Barn sells for a kidney and a limb. I prefer “free.” This bottle still makes me happy when I look at it. Oh, the white buffalo in the second image is not permanent there. Mr. Wonderful received that as a lovely gift for, like, saving a man’s life and all but enough about his life saving wonderfulness, blah blah blah back to MY THRIFTING.


Sandra said...

love the green bottle,that is my PICK if I were there. i thought the soap was chocolate and got excited until I read it was soap. so do you have a printer that prints on canvas? i want some of my photos on canvas but it cost a LOT of money. the frames are something i would have grabbed.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

I do have a printer that will print on canvas but being me - and cheap - I'm thinking I will just give any prints I want to use a faux canvas finish in Photoshop, because I'm frugal like that. :)

jrmom said...

Jealous!!! Love those wrought iron candle sticks. FREE...really?! Our poling place sells food....smelled delicious but unfortunately had to be in Canfield by 8:30 and couldn't stay. American Pickers would be proud of you could teach them a thing or two.