Made in the USA

According to ABC News, if we each spent 64 dollars on products made in America during our holiday shopping we could create 200,000 jobs. Made in America news story 

Some of the sources provided by friends include:

Rada Cutelery
bath towel set
made in usa forever - toys etc 
Homer Laughlin
Burt's Bees
Munro Shoes
Fortune Tee's
Lodge cookware

Other sources for Made in the USA Materials and Merchandise: 

Still Made in USA
Companies that can proudly display "Made in America"


Angela said...

I am always looking to see where things are made before I buy them. It is getting way to hard to find anything made in the USA at all anymore! I go into fits of rage when I'm shopping. I was doing a weekly thing on my blog posting products made in West Virginia and tried to get others to post about the products made in their own states. Here's the link to the Made in West Virginia posts:

I know there are more things made in West Virginia too that I didn't find. Most are of the arts and crafts nature and the specialty food nature.

Sandra said...

good idea, but i only buy food and necessities now and none of that is made in America, i wonder where they make our toilet tissue and shampoo? since that is all I am buying

gowestferalwoman said...

Im constantly looking at cans in the supermarket - esp. after i saw my canned mushrooms were from China?! thats a heck of a long way - dont we grow mushrooms in the USA? or even Canada?! yikes!

Anyhow, yes, being label conscious in a good way can definitely boost the USA economy - even using your local towns services then using a mega name chain helps!