How I spent my birthday


Hacking and painting.

I had big birthday weekend plans. Dinner out with the BFF (who also happens to be my first-cousin which means she is stuck with me forever. Amen. Poor dear). I started getting the flaming throat of fire on Friday evening about halfway through our "date." I tried to blame the salsa at the astoundingly-bad-mexican-restaurant we dined (I use the term loosely) in. Sadly, the food was too bland to be causing throat-of-fire. On the upside, this place should be thanking their lucky stars that I don't write restaurant reviews because I'm not sure there is the "slightest barely visible to the naked eye sliver of a star" to indicate how unappealing "Sangria" which is purple wine with canned fruit cocktail dumped in it really is. Really.

By Saturday afternoon throat-of-fire had moved to "general aches and pains" that could have been old age but probably had something to do with the head-swimming hacking thing I had going on. I think Saturday was fun but I remember very little of it. Apologies to my friends for any vague weirdness I may have visited up on them. I do know that frosting, a birthday cookie and singing was involved and I am always up for frosting and singing. Loved that.


By Sunday throat-of-fire had morphed to swollen head and congested chest so THAT was fun. I figured the best thing to clear that up was paint fumes! Yay fumes!

Spent the day cleaning and painting Wondergirl's room. Love it so much I cannot say. She has really good taste, that kid. I think I'm putting her in charge of the rest of the house from now on. We had a great time but I did suffer a bit of angst when she vetoed moving many of her toys and stuffed animals back in after we had cleaned and painted. She decided that she likes it clean and clear.

What it is is "Teenaged."

I'll be sneaking Little Pet Shop toys and maybe a pacifier or something in there after she leaves for school today.

Just keeping it real - and real young!


Maddy said...

Thus far I have studiously avoided the 'throat of fire' but several other souls have succumbed around here.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Oh feel better soon Maddy! I'm so sorry for you. May the plague pass quickly!