Rummaging for Democracy

It’s pretty much no big secret that I love a bargain and will purchase almost anything from a church rummage sale. I also always pay full price because the prices are ALWAYS laughably low. Still there is always SOMEONE trying to get a better deal "so this entire set of mint condition Pyrex bowls? Can you take LESS than a quarter for all?" It's like honestly now, did you really just try to get a price cut from The Lord?

I am also a huge HUGE fan of the democratic process, your right to vote, make a difference, blah blah blah.
Thus, when these two worlds COLLIDE why, it’s like perfection, with a cake table!

My voting precinct is a Midwestern Church. The thing about Midwestern Churches is that they are incapable of going for long periods of time without selling baked goods and rummage. Seriously. Somewhere in their hymnals is a tract entitled “ode to selling paperbacks and old sheets.”

I would like to think I would get up bright and early to vote even without pie – even as I hope I never have to face the horror of actually finding out.

Today was a particularly good score in the pursuit of democracy … and things I can’t really explain but Had To Have.

To whit:
Wondergirl has been asking for a camera to take to sleepaway camp. I think she has in mind a couple of those cheap disposables. I’m going to tell her I found THIS one for her – and such a deal! For $2 it’s worth the laughs – or looks of horror. After that I add it to my vintage-cameras-that-are-worth-nothing but-still-make-me-happy collection. It’s all good.

Okay first, hello cute. We are suckers for anything “soccer” around here. I’m still coveting a soccer Olympic tee I didn’t get (A quarter people! A QUARTER! It will probably haunt me). Speaking of things I paid a quarter for – this is one of them. Somewhere someone who is really remarkably bad at investments paid $29.95 for this little item. Poor dears.
Remember when Beanie Babies were going to be the next big thing? They were going to pay for college? Yeah, I paid a quarter for this. So go figure. Apparently depreciation hit HARD in the Beanie Baby world.


And okay how cute is this? I mean capital-P Precious right? If you are thinking “no, not really” then can I at least get a “eh, not a total waste of .75 cents?”
I’m thinking soccer raffle or something. I don’t know. Again, I see soccer balls and my eyes sort of glaze over. Must. Have. The. End.

Pay no attention to the dusty porch floor. What we are seeing here is my triumph – UGLY PICTURE!!! Yes, I know. I take a bow to the complete “What the HECK??” nature of this piece. Jagger is showing his long-suffering “Dude I’m a DOG and even I know this is bad” face. But I needed the frame see? My complete lack of interest in the actual art is evidenced by the fact that it is UPSIDE DOWN in the first photo. Here, let me flip it around for you …
See? Still hideous!!! (And if this came from YOUR house then seriously, I lie, it’s GORGEOUS. Stunning even. I’m sure in the right room it looked FABULOUS). As you can see Jagger is so in love with it that he is ducking down behind it in shame. Everyone’s a critic. Like I’m taking decorating advice from anybody who licks his own butt.
IMG_0608Eventually the frame will GO HERE ^ and it will all make perfect sense. I think.
Until then I KNOW you are thinking “why sure, it will go well with your FREAKY ONE EARED RABBIT and strange old wooden box. Sure.”
Oddly enough the colors of the painting kind of “go” with the room. If I hang it sideways just like that can I call it Modern Art? 
I have written previously about the awesome deals to be found while in pursuit of democracy. Why, every time I look at my local vintage cider jug I feel all warm inside.
You have your “I voted today” sticker. I have clutter. Same difference.


jrmom said...

You make me laugh! Where I vote they always have donuts and hot dogs for sale (depending on the time). Thank goodness they don't have a rummage sale...I've been trying to get rid of things.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Get rid of things you say?

Donate them to this rummage sale and then I can BUY ALL YOUR STUFF!!

Seriously great plan right?

I mean clearly, I will buy anything.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

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Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

HA! I just can't stand those people who try to haggle with the Lord. You know where they're going for not paying the full quarter.

That pictures is seriously lovely. *cough*

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

@Elizabeth - Though shall not covet thy blog neighbor's most awesome ugly photo ever! :)