Dear Blogger, you're cheesing me off ...

So you spend 10,000 hours (give or take) working out the perfect blog design. (You'll hate it next month but TODAY, it's awesome).

You pick out a new fancy Advanced Template font. You love it. It's casual yet sassy (we put a lot of EMOTION into our fonts).

You are blogging happily away, all is right with your "fun" font life. Then, one day, without warning, you realize that when your page loads for anyone ELSE they don't see cute font, they see basic, Times New Roman font. They also see a hot mess because it's not lining up properly, it breaks where it shouldn't. It's AWFUL.

You wonder how LONG it's looked like that for everyone else? People who came in fresh have been seeing you not at your best but seeing you with the blog equivalent of a trailing piece of toilet paper on your shoe.


Apparently, if you are a fresh visitor to a Blogger site using the Advanced Template Designer choices like the new fancy fonts, sizes, etc. - you need to let the page load and then hit REFRESH once to see what the page should ACTUALLY look like?

Um, yeah, because THAT'S going to happen.

Blogger, I love ya, but sometimes you really do get what you (don't) pay for. 


Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Oh sweetie, I understand the pain and is called "Designing for the Web" and these limitations are not exclusive to blogger but the thorn in the side of many a website designer.

The fancy fonts are only good if the person viewing them have that same font in their font library on their computer.

I know that you knowing the mechanics behind the problems does not take the pain away...But it might help you learn to work around them.

Font standard on 99% of computers are the following fonts, if you stick with those for main body text, you are pretty safe.

Arial - Times New Roman - Courier New - Georgian - Verdana - Geneva

Any font outside of these 5 standards are great for creating text images type files, but are not guaranteed to show up as regular flowing text on everyone's computer.

As for the alignment issues, each Browser will show it differently, you are correct the best you can do is preview it, but that is still not 100%...This is not unique to blogger either though they do an exceptionally good job at SUCKING in the preview department.

If it makes you feel just a little better I can see you pretty text and your alignment is ok here too.

Blessings Kelsie

Jinxie said...

Wait . . . . I don't see your pretty font. Does that mean you can't see MY pretty font on my own blog?!!!!!! Nooooo! Do you know how long it took me to PICK that perfect font?!

::rocks in corner::

Vintage West said...

Oh no, I didn't know this, I wonder now what people are seeing on my blog, hmph.
P.S. I can see your pretty font :)

SheShe said...

Oh, noooo....This makes me glad I'm only marginally intelligent and had to stick with the basic, no-frills layout! I'm sorry for you. :(

texwisgirl said...

ha ha ha! i'd just be happy if blogger let me comment w/o trouble and stopped dropping my "blogs I follow" list... oh, and would upload photos without taking a minute of my life each time (or more!)

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Yes, blogger is frustrating, but I tried Wordpress and I HATED IT!! lol.

Nice blog, thanks for visiting our blog. I'm going to look around some more. Just followed you back.

SandyCarlson said...

I love Blogger. And, because I am not one of those cutting-edge try-the-new-thing people, I sit back and let Blogger work out the kinks before I make big changes. What I love about Blogger, though, is that they do hear us and they do make the improvements.

I think, also, that blogging teaches all of us to be merciful, to cut a lot of slack when stuff happens, because stuff happens.

You are great. It's nice to visit your blog.

Sandra said...

you hit the nail on the head with the comment we get what we dont pay for. when blogger makes me crazy, i try to remember it is FREE. sometimes i think i am going somewhere else, like that would show them. ha ha on me. i added new fonts to my computer to use in photoshop. i saw them in my email and so i did this wonderful snow capped letters email to five friends and asked how they liked the new look, they all said what it is times new roman, seems there computer has to have the same fonts as mine for them to see it. now i am wonderfing what people see when they look at my blog. on fourpaws do the post titles look like dancing words or are they times. thanks for all the comments, baby hates the camera, she is glaring at me in that one you liked today. your email that is on here comes back fatal error when i tried to answer you

Sandra said...

me to i can see your pretty text