1-800 Smarty Pants

I think people just don't always get my sense of humor. Case in point: Talking with Customer Service for a website that will not load log-on for me. Finally figure it is a browser issue (?). Their site does not work with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 
"Can you use Explorer?" He asks. 
 "Not really" I say. 
"Why?" He asks. 
"Because it's not 1997?" 
He did not find me funny. At. All.


Sandra said...

my chrome is making me crazy, on both computers. i have loved it and stopped using IE and FF and now i have forgotten how to use them and had to figure out where every thing was. i prefer Chrome, but it is jumping and locking and taking forever to load, i sent them a feed back 3 days ago. it always makes me crazy when someone says the site doesn't work with the browser, well duh fix your site

TexWisGirl said...

ha ha.

and i laughed at your comment on keep ronald mcdonald away from the mansion today. :)

Susan Struck said...

Well, I think you're funny.