The Internet would have us believe that cookies are bad when, in reality cookies are good. Real good.

Sure Tracking Cookies sare bad when they are bringing you unwanted porn.

Cookies are GOOD however when they are bringing butter and sugar with a hint of salty goodness straight to your lips - and hips.

Yesterdays cooler weather (hello 63 degrees in Ohio in AUGUST?) has me on a cookie baking and soup making kick. (<- This is why I will never be thin). There is also a method to my madness. A friend swears that Aldi's brand Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are good enough to eat. Mr. Wonderful has steadfastly maintained that the only chocolate chip that will cross his lips is a Nestle Toll House chip. This then is our taste test. (Pay no attention to the burnt ones. We had a little issue with the timing on the first batch. We think the goats will like those. Can goats have chocolate? Anyone?) 

UPDATE: Aldi's chips are certainly quite good.


scrappymo! said...

Let us know the taste test outcome!

They look yummy! No cookies is by 34 or 35 Celcius (smokin hot) and too darn hot to turn the oven on...teehee

Susan Struck said...

I think we all need a cookie now and then.