My Official Entry in the Cheap Persons Hall of Fame

And then there was that one time when I was profiled in Woman's Day for being just so incredibly cheap. (Woman's Day, September 2012, article by the very talented and savings savvy Sandy Fernandez.)
 And with this I officially become that friend you have to block because it's just "brag, brag and have I told you about my $1 jeans/" all the da#$ time. 

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gowestferalwoman said...

Ive got a place for you!!! Theres a place in New Richmond, Wisconsin - called the Heritage Center off of HWY 65 - ran by a bunch of fun old women and men on behalf of the New Richmond Historical society...and they get donated items from everyone all year 'round and open this big historical huge red old dairy barn on saturdays and sundays...and sell all jeans for a quarter a piece, along with anything else you can think you might possible need (i love picking up antique christmas ornaments there for 75 cents!)...if you ever go to Wisconsin you need to check this place out - it ruins just about every tag, moving, goodwill sale you can think of - you start to think "well, i get buy something like that cheaper at the "barn" LOL!

Otherwise, yes, you are a writer to all of us bloggers even if they never gave you an award ;)!! Congrats!